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Following is a list of the companies and products that we represent. Each company listed is unique in it's own field. K.C. Trading's commitment to our customers is that we will not represent any company or product that does not meet our high standards of quality. We firmly believe that our customers deserve our best recommendation! Listed below is a summery of each company. For additional information click on the buttons on the left of your screen or click on the hyperlinks below.

ARPA e.m.c.
A global Military Logistics Company that specializes in containerized logistics ISO container systems. ARPA manufacturers Container Kitchens, Trailer Kitchens, Decon Units, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Tents, Mobile Command Centers, Mobile First Aid and Dental Systems and a variety of Military / Humanitarian / Refugee Field Logistics Systems. ARPA is pleased to announce that with the aid of K.C. Trading Ltd. they have been awarded a contract to build the United States Marine Corps Field Food Service System (FFSS). The FFSS is a state of the art field kitchen system that will further reduce the militaries dependence on distillate fuels.
ARPA Products...


A global company that specializes in a myriad of products. Dometic is also a manufacturer of Military Support Equipment, i.e., Blood and Organ Boxes, Vaccine Carriers, Medical Refrigerators, and Insulated Rotation Molded Equipment. The Dometic Group manufactures and distributes a myriad of items.

Sint-Plast under Dometic are manufacturers of the world's toughest and unique rotation molded equipment. Quality construction and superior insulation qualities are the hallmarks of Sint-Plast products.
Dometic Products...
Dometic The Company...

Manufacturers of various unique environmentally safe chemicals that eliminate salt and salt corrosion. The SALT-X line of chemicals has proven to save money in equipment upkeep and repair. Inno-Chem also manufactures a unique organic deodorizer cleaner "Phew-Go". Phew-Go does not hid smells like most deodorizers but effectively eliminates smells. Our slogan is "The Best Odor Is No Odor". Additionally, Inno-Chem provides custom chemical formulations and services. We specialize in meeting your custom chemical requirements!
Innochem Products...

Manufacturers of a unique line of flying pest control products that are designed to stop flies dead in their tracks. A must for food service operations of all types and sizes.
Paraclipse Products...

Blue River Coatings has successfully manufactured and developed high performance water-base coatings for over two decades.

The company's initial product line consisted of water-base coatings for fabric-skinned aircraft to include performance primers and topcoats. With the success of coating fabric aircraft, the company was approached to formulate and manufacture an extensive line of water-base coatings for many other application to include Steel, Aluminum, Wood, Plastics, Vinyl, and PVC.

Blue River Coatings is committed to maintaining our role as a leader in water-base product development and to improve and formulate high performance water-base coatings. Keeping the environment in mind, Blue River has been able to manufacture EPA compliant products that are clearly ahead of the competition.

Blue River's commitment is to manufacture coatings that meet and exceed our customer's expectations, they strive for efficiency and performance. Blue River Coatings is a leader in water-based technology and continues to produce and improve products that meet the needs of the customer.
Blue River Coatings Products...

Precision manufacturing and ethical business administration requires establishment and maintenance of a centerpoint. At Centerpoint Manufacturing, Inc., we believe in this philosophy of integrity, precision and quality in our products and in all aspects of our relationships with customers, associates, suppliers and employees. Makers of explosion proof garbage recepticles.
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