Dometic S.a.r.l. - Hosingen, Luxembourg

Dometic S.a.r.l. located in Hosingen, Luxembourg manufactures unique and specialized equipment for various commercial and professional industries. Additionally, Dometic manufactures a superb line of specialize rotational molded containers for the storage and transportation of food, medical and subsistence items. Dometic was recently awarded a multi-year contract to manufacture the United States Marine Corps Food and Beverage Containers.

Dometic focuses above all on the development of smart equipment ensuring comfort, convenience and reliability of use. Designed for the most advanced technologies, this equipment is proof of the full commitment by Dometic to environmental safety. Care for the environment is an integral part of corporate strategy and is a major factor governing the development and marketing of their various ranges of products. In fact, Dometic equipment is manufactured with the environmentally safest production materials and methods.

Rotomolded Insulated Containers

Dometic Sint Plast has specialized in the production of rotomolded insulated containers for the food and catering industry. The used polyethylene is chemically neutral and therefore well suited for use in the area of foods. It has also a temperature stability from -40°C to +70°C. Other transport applications such as ammunitions, mail holders, spare-parts, cooking equipment, sensitive electronics or guidance systems.

The unique rotational molding process used at Dometic provides

unlimited possible applications

lightweight but solid construction adapted to the most severe handling conditions

superior thermal insulation qualities

capability for custom customer dimensions

low investment costs

superb visual appearance

rapid adaptation in terms of color and modifications

short project processing times

also suitable for large product sizes

low manufacturing costs through simultaneous production of multiple parts

Useful Info Regarding Containers: Determining the "K-Value"
The K-Value of an item provides you with information relative to the amount of heat or cold that is lost through the item.

In order to determine the K-Value of an item (cabinet) the following tests must be conducted:

First Step is to place the cabinet into a "Hot Room"; the temperature of this "Hot Room" must be kept at 20oC.
At least three temperature sensors are placed inside the cabinet in order to measure the temperature inside the cabinet.

A heater is placed inside the cabinet in order to stabilize the temperature inside the cabinet to 35oC. The difference between the inside and outside of the cabinet is called the "Delta T". For example 35 - 20 = 15. Usually this test must be repeated several times while varying the heat output of the heater in order to achieve exactly 35oC.

The heat input (expressed in Watts) which gives you the 35oC inside the test cabinet is the figure you use in the K-Value Formula.

Formula: k = heat input (W) divided by the mean surface (m2) of the cabinet times the Delta T (15). k = W/Sx Delta T.

The K-Value of a good insulated cabinet, or a very well insulated home should be low; the lower the K - Value the better it is. For Blood Refrigerators the K-Value must be below 0.35

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